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Value of Customer Reliability: What Consumers Say


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This is the presentation slide-deck delivered by Lynne Gallagher at theĀ Values of Customer Reliability: stakeholder forumĀ in December 2018.

The AER must develop and publish a national methodology for estimating Value of Customer Reliability (VCRs) on a consistent basis across the NEM and Northern Territory. The AER will use this methodology to derive and publish VCR estimates by the end of 2019.

The AER held public forums in Sydney on 5th December 2018 and in Melbourne on 6th December 2018, at which Energy Consumers Australia presented the consumer perspective on the development of a fit-for-purpose methodology, now and into the future, for how electricity consumers value a reliable electricity supply.

The full slide-deck of that presentation can be read here.

Value of Customer Reliability: what consumers say

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