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Share your story

Tell us about your experiences

What is your experience of managing your electricity and gas bills for your home or small business? Do you feel like your voice, issues and challenges are not being heard?

We want to hear from you.

Please share your story with us and we’ll ensure your experiences and preferences are carried into the rooms and processes where decisions are made. Without the voices of people like you, these processes cannot ever deliver a system that meets your needs and allows you to live life the way you want. And we say, that’s the whole point of having an energy system.  

Your story could be about

  • The experience of managing your electricity and gas bills and the customer service you receive from energy companies 
  • Problems or concerns you have making sense of the energy system and making informed decisions that benefit you. 
  • How you are thinking about using new energy technology like solar panels and batteries at your home or small business 
  • How you or your community is making and/or using energy 
  • How electricity and gas services could be improved where you live
  • How natural disasters have impacted your ability to manage your electricity and gas bills

Why share my story?

Energy Consumers Australia is the national voice for residential and small business people that use energy in Australia. We push for a modern, flexible and resilient energy system by working with consumer groups, energy companies, market bodies and industry regulators. 

Now more than ever, we need your help. We need to hear stories about your experience so that we can directly share them with energy market decision makers across Australia and push towards the future energy system that you need and deserve. 

For questions about how we will share your story, please email us.

By providing your information you acknowledge that Energy Consumers Australia Ltd will handle it in accordance with its Collection Statement and Privacy Policy.