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Tell us about your experiences

Has COVID-19 or climate events (like bushfires, floods and storms) presented challenges with managing the energy bills of your home or small business? Do you feel like your voice, issues and challenges are not being heard?

You are not alone. Please share your story with us via the form and we’ll ensure your views are reflected in the big decisions and public debates.

Your story could be about
  • The experience of paying your energy bills and dealing with your energy company.
  • How COVID-19 or other events impacted your ability to manage your energy use and bills.
  • In the event of issues with paying bills, who you contacted and the subsequent outcomes.
  • How you or your community is making and/or using energy.
  • How electricity and gas services could be improved where you live.
Why share my story?

Energy Consumers Australia is the national voice for residential and small business people that use energy in Australia. We push for affordable, optimised and individualised energy services by working with consumer groups, ombudsmen, energy companies, regulators and governments.

Now more than ever, we need your help to achieve our goal. We need to hear stories about how your energy experiences so that we can directly share them with energy market decision makers across Australia and effect change.

For questions about how we will share your story, please email us.