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The national voice for residential and small business energy consumers.

We work to promote the long-term interests of energy consumers with respect to price, quality, safety, reliability and security.

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What we do

Energy Consumers Australia promotes the long-term interests of consumers with respect to the price, quality, safety, reliability and security of supply of energy services.

We are an independent organisation created by the Council of Australian Governments to give residential and small business energy consumers a national voice in the energy market.

We conduct research and analysis, identify issues and work with other consumer organisations, ombudsmen, energy companies, regulators and governments to improve outcomes for consumers.

Listening to consumers, researching their needs and preferences.

Advocating for an affordable, individualised and optimised national energy market.

Grant funding consumer advocacy and research.

Consumers driving change

Consumers and technology are driving change in the energy market in new and exciting ways. Consumers around Australia are increasingly wanting to take control of their energy services, but until recently there was no national body representing them when market and policy decisions were being made.

Energy Consumers Australia works with organisations across the energy market to ensure they recognise and respond to consumer’s needs, interests and concerns over the long term.