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Regulatory Handbook

This handbook is designed to be a comprehensive overview of the rules governing the supply of energy in Australia.


Energy Consumers Australia

The Regulatory Handbook has been prepared by experts in energy law and covers, at a high level, every significant aspect of the legal framework governing the production, transportation and sale of electricity and gas in the areas covered by the national regulatory regime. Some information is also provided about Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

The National Electricity and Gas Rules are amended multiple times each year through the AEMC’s processes. It will not be possible to update this handbook with every change, so if you are interested in a particular area I encourage you to consult the rules or laws themselves.

We will, however, ensure that this handbook continues to fulfil its intended purpose, to help energy consumers, consumer advocates and those who work in the industry and sector to better understand the governance of energy markets in Australia.

Download the ECA Regulatory Handbook 2017