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Managing our Energy Transition


Rosemary Sinclair

This presentation was delivered by Rosemary Sinclair AM at the CEDA – Managing our Energy Transition event on 7 June 2019.

Presentation sections

  • Community dissatisfaction is well founded
  • Evolution of Energy
  • This is what happens in an internet minute
  • Consumers driving change
  • Now and next…manage my costs and give me control
  • Consumers are willing partners in transformation
  • Sequence of paradigm shift process
  • The times, they are A-changin’
  • Our vision for the market
  • Moving beyond the ‘trilemma’ – three parts to consumer focused outcomes
  • Complex Change
  • The Energy Charter … whole of system thinking to win the trust to transform

The presentation slides can be viewed here.

The full speech notes are available here.

Managing our energy transition


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