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Capacity Trading Platforms and Day-Ahead Auction: Submission


Energy Consumers Australia

On 13 June 2017, Energy Consumers Australia lodged a submission with the Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMO) in response to the Operation and Administration of the Capacity Trading Platforms/s and Day-ahead auction consultation paper (Consultation Paper).

Ensuring that Australias gas pipelines are facilitating a highly liquid, competitive trade in wholesale gas, that gas is flowing to where it is valued most, and that pipeline capacity is fully utilized, is fundamental to stabilizing the gas market and ensuring prices are as low as possible. We therefore strongly support the work the Gas Market Reform Group is doing to develop capacity trading and day ahead auction reforms to make it much easier for gas users to get the pipeline capacity they need, at the right price.

We believe that there is a strong case, both on principled and practical grounds, for the AEMO to operate both the Capacity Trading Platform and the Day-Ahead Auction.

The full submission is available here.

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