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ECA Reference Committee Nominations


Energy Consumers Australia


Energy Consumers Australia (ECA) was established on 30 January 2015. Our establishment is an important step towards increasing consumer advocacy on national energy market matters of strategic importance or material consequence for energy consumers, in particular, residential and small business consumers.

In order to assist ECA in its work, the Board is seeking to appoint members to its Reference Committee (the Committee) in accordance with the company’s Constitution. The Committee will advise ECA on the issues facing consumers, assist ECA’s development of its work program and share information about grassroots consumer feedback and research.

The Committee will be no more than ten members, and advisory in nature. While the Committee will provide important advice to the Board, it should be noted that it will not have powers to instruct the Board, Member or Chief Executive Officer on ECA’s policies or management. Committee members will be reimbursed for reasonable out of pocket expenses incurred for attendance at Committee meetings.

The Board is calling for nominations from interested stakeholders. To be considered for the Committee, the Board requests nominees to provide a statement of claims, no more than two pages in length, against the following criteria:

  • Understanding and knowledge of emerging consumer issues in the national energy market;
  • Understanding of ECA‘s core activities and how you can contribute to these activities;
  • Ability to share ‘grass roots’ consumer feedback and research on national energy market matters.
  • Capacity to contribute to consideration of the consumer interest in the areas identified as ECA’s strategic priorities:
  • New technologies and their disruptive effect on traditional business , and impact on consumers
  • Effectiveness of competition across the whole supply chain, and the ability of consumers to drive competition
  • Reasonableness and affordability of energy prices, including how understandable pricing structures are to consumers
  • Contributing to the review of governance arrangements for the market bodies, and the impact of those on consumers.


Further information about ECA can be found in the company Constitution.

Please note that membership to the Committee will be as an individual and not as a representative of an organisation. Membership will be reviewed at the end of ECA’s first year of operations.

Electronic submissions are preferred and can be sent to info@energyconsumersaustralia.com.au no later than 30 March 2015. Those who wish to provide hard copies by post may do so by addressing the submissions – to arrive on or before 30 March 2015 – to:

c/o- Executive Officer, Energy Consumers Australia, PO Box A2258, Sydney South NSW 1235.

The Board intends to hold the initial Committee meeting in conjunction with an upcoming Board meeting.