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Energy Consumers Australia: Annual Report 2021-22


Energy Consumers Australia

Energy Consumers Australia has published its Annual Report for 2021-22.

This year has challenged all of us in the energy sector with the combined impact of higher retail electricity and gas prices, inflation and cost of living pressures, as well as more frequent natural events linked to climate change, resulting in higher energy bills and issues with security of supply.

In 2021-22, we doubled our efforts across an integrated work program
with three core cross-cutting strategic impact areas – more affordable energy for households and small businesses, more individualised energy services that give consumers choice and control, and a more modern, flexible and resilient energy system built on trust and social license for change with consumers.

This was our first full year working towards these impact areas under
our new Strategic Plan 2021-24. This Annual Report is structured to reflect
that plan, with reporting of outcomes across those three identified impact
areas and progress on specific, planned activities highlighted throughout the report, along with achievement of our key performance indicators. 

This year’s Annual Report draws a clear line between the tangible actions we have taken in 2021-22 and the vision in our strategic plan that consumer
values, expectations and needs drive a more modern, flexible and resilient
energy system. It also details the ways we have listened to consumer voices throughout the year and amplified a range of voices.

Over the past year, we have embedded an ‘impact-based’ reforms in our Grants Program and delivered $2 million in funding with more support to our partners. The Annual Report profiles a range of case studies of the impact we have delivered through the grants.

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If there are questions you have about our work or information you wish to share with us, feel free to email us and a member of our leadership team will get back to you.

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