Why is data important?

Allowing consumers to get the most out of their data is a major priority for Energy Consumers Australia.

In 2019, the theme of our annual forum was Data powering better outcomes for consumers. At that forum, Chair Louise Sylvan spoke about the importance of consumer data, which can be seen in the video below.


Our work on the Consumer Data Right

In July 2017, Energy Consumers Australia published a discussion paper on energy data portability. The discussion paper provided an overview of the current arrangements that govern the use of meter data, explores drivers and opportunities for reform and outlines an industry-led process to deliver ‘data portability’. It identified that better use of meter data can help consumers compare products and services, and maximise the value of their investment in rooftop solar PV, batteries and other technology.

Following the Productivity Commission Data Use and Accessibility Inquiry and the Treasury Open Banking Inquiry a decision was made by the Government to introduce an economy wide consumer data right starting with banking, to be followed by energy and telecommunications.

In May 2020 the Treasury issued the draft designation instrument that will trigger the implementation of the Consumer Data Right (CDR). As well as Treasury, the ACCC, AEMO and the CSIRO’s Data61 have important roles in delivering the CDR. Energy Consumers Australia is conducting an ongoing project to keep consumers and their representatives connected to this important project.