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SME Retail Tariff Tracker Final Report: June 2019

The Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Retail Tariff Tracker is an ongoing project for Energy Consumers Australia. It collects data every April and October, with reports on trends published in June and December.

This June 2019 report shows the impacts on bills of the price reductions that were announced by major retailers to take effect from 1 January 2019.

  • Small business electricity bills were lower in every jurisdiction in June 2019, compared with a year earlier except in Northern Territory where they remained largely unchanged.
  • Small business gas bills were higher in the ACT and Victoria (where gas usage is more widespread) in June 2019 compared with a year ago, as well as in Tasmania and  South Australia. Small business gas bills were lower in Western Australia, Queensland and NSW in June 2019, compared with a year ago.

There is a divergence in trends in the differences between the highest and lowest offers in the market. Overall there has been a significant decrease in the “spread” between the highest and lowest market offers for electricity in the past year (except in South Australia). On the other hand, the spread in gas market offers has decreased in NSW, Victoria and Tasmania, and increased in South Australia, the ACT and Queensland.

The full report can be read here. Additional data analysis can be conducted by downloading the data pack.

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