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Insights Report: Understanding the diversity of consumers and their experiences of the energy system

Our new Insights Report, created in partnership with the Sydney Community Forum, examines the diversity of consumers and their experiences of the energy system.

The report details findings from a series of workshops – a ‘deep dive’ – conducted with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) leaders, and outlines four key areas for action – practical recommendations for governments and industry to address the main barriers faced by CALD households in the energy transition.

These recommendations reflect priorities identified by CALD community leaders, and which are strongly endorsed by Energy Consumers Australia and the Sydney Community Forum:

Recommendation 1: That the Commonwealth Government fund a pilot mobile Community Energy Hub in Western Sydney.

Recommendation 2: That the Australian Energy Council and the Australian Energy Regulator partner with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) community groups to improve the quality of information and assistance for CALD consumers.

Recommendation 3: Federal, State and Territory governments to advance housing reforms to improve the energy efficiency of ALL Australian homes.

Recommendation 4: All three levels of government to provide practical and targeted assistance to help decarbonise and lower energy bills, particularly for those least able to do it on their own.

Download the infographic for the detailed recommendations or read the full Insights Report for more information.

In this report, we have endeavoured to synthesise culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) workshop participants’ vision of what an inclusive energy future could look like and capture the solutions they believe would make the energy system more equitable and accessible for CALD people. This is what they told us they want to see:

  • An empowering net zero journey for all: CALD consumers want to have agency and feel supported to take action in Australia‚Äôs net zero journey through a transition narrative that reflects their priorities, needs, concerns and values.
  • Action-oriented and clear communications from industry: CALD energy consumers must be provided with easy-to-understand and relevant information through their bills and interactions with energy service providers to support energy costs monitoring, energy efficiency measures, and smarter management of energy consumption.
  • Empathetic and accessible support through peers: CALD consumers must be able to access the services, information and support they need in a language they prefer through the sources they trust.
  • Government collaboration for decarbonisation: CALD consumers want to see the three levels of government partner with CALD communities to deliver accessible and tailored programs to support decarbonisation efforts, lower bills and contribute to more resilient communities.

We believe that the benefits of an inclusive, affordable and equitable energy future for CALD energy consumers will extend beyond the energy market, positively impacting health, wellbeing and socioeconomic development.

To find out more about this work, catch up on our webinar recording below (April 2024) or download the presentation slides here.

Webinar recording: Insights from a deep dive with CALD energy consumers

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