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Initial observations: Opportunities for aligning consumer and shareholder interests

This presentation was delivered by Shelley Ashe at the AER Public Forum event on 7 August 2019. The slides discuss Jemena Gas Networks’ 2020-25 access arrangement proposal and how it relates to the long term interests of consumers.

Affordability is a priority for households and small businesses and is Energy Consumers Australia’s focus in applying the long-term interests of consumers test when reviewing revenue proposals.

JGN’s estimate is that this proposal will result in bill savings of 11 per cent  (or approximately $150) for the average residential customer over the period of the access arrangement. When combined with a ‘hand-back’ of over-recovered revenue during the current period (2015-2020), this will increase to 18 per cent, or $244.

This is welcome relief for consumers at a time when they are facing significant affordability challenges.

Presentation sections

  • Our vision for the market
    • The long-term interests of consumers (LTIC) test
    • The Pub Test
    • Aligning interests
    • Our regulatory philosophy
  • What consumers are telling us
  • Identifying the problem
    • Timing – key observations
    • Capital Expenditure Incentive Mechanism
  • Where to from here?

The full presentation can be viewed here.

Initial observations Opportunities for aligning consumer and shareholder interests

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