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Consumers are often overwhelmed by the amount of energy information available to them. They are unsure who to turn to, or where to start. This means most consumers are on ‘first base’ in their energy journey.

This research builds on our earlier work to understand how run a successful energy information campaign and help consumers reduce their energy use and costs.

We commissioned a representative national survey of 2500 household energy consumers to understand where they are looking for information on energy, who they trust for information, and what barriers they face to action.

There is an accompanying report which investigates the same issues from a small business perspective.

Key findings:

The following key findings emerged:

  • 50% of households haven’t begun looking for information.
  • Almost all (89%) of household energy consumers are interested in learning more about ways to reduce their energy use and costs.
  • Most consumers (81%) have taken some steps to reduce their energy usage and costs – but they aren’t the steps that offer the ‘best bang for buck’.
  • There is a need for simple, clear communications on the easy, high impact steps consumers can take to reduce their energy use and costs.
  • Consumers need certainty and support to make the right decisions. And they need a trust voice to help step them through what they need to do.

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