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Evidence base to support the development of an effective communications campaign for energy consumers


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There is an endless amount of energy information available to consumers. However, despite the proliferation of energy education campaigns, according to our latest Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey (ECSS) data, two in five Australians do not feel there is enough easily understood information available for them to make decisions about energy.  

This matters because we also found that when consumers feel that they had received clear information about the impacts of the energy transition, they felt more in control of how they can make a difference to their energy bills. 

We commissioned The Insight Centre to investigate the key elements to running a successful energy campaign for consumers.

Key points:

Based on the research, the following principles for effective communication to energy consumers apply:

  • Include a singular, simple ‘ask’ or call to action that is low-effort and low/no-cost to consumers;
  • Adopt a simple high-level message that doesn’t increase complexity or choice, or conflict with existing efforts;
  • Stand alone, and not rely on consumers necessarily ‘finding out more’ or visiting a website;
  • Recognise the diversity of consumer groups;
  • Be scalable and flexible over time;
  • Be realistic, even for consumers with lower ability and motivation to change; and
  • Speak to a sense of collective action and partnership.

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