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Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey Findings: June 2018

The Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey is a long-term project for Energy Consumers Australia. It is designed to provide information on household and small business consumer sentiment with a focus on the three key areas of satisfaction, confidence and activity. As the survey is undertaken every six months it tracks changes in sentiment over time and detects trends which can inform energy market and policy development in the long-term interests of consumers.

The survey was held between 19 – 27 March 2018. Events which may have impacted on consumers responses to the survey include:

  • In Victoria, double digit retail price increases (10-16% for electricity and 5-16% for gas) from 1 January 2018 here, including substantial increases in off-peak electricity rates (some as high as 50%);
  • Summer heatwaves (the second hottest on record) and storms between January and March that led to a number of widespread outages in most jurisdictions;
  • In Queensland, an energy efficiency appliance rebate scheme operated from 1 January to 3 June 2018 here.

Full survey results from then fifth survey are available in the report. National Business and National Household trends are also available.

The media release can be read here.

Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey June 2018

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