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Electricity Sector Climate Information Project


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The goal of the Electricity Sector Climate Information (ESCI) project is to improve the reliability and resilience of the National Electricity Market against the risks from long-term climate change and extreme weather.

The National Electricity Market is exposed to climate change impacts. An increase in the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events can increase stress on the power system in several ways.

The ESCI project will work to:

  • Support improved planning and investment decisions for the electricity network.
  • Develop and demonstrate a best practice methodology for analysing climate change risks that can also be used by other sectors.
  • Improve information on likely future changes to extreme weather events such as heatwaves, wind, and maximum temperature thresholds, to inform analysis of long-term climate risk. A particular focus will be on concurrent and/or compounding extreme events.

The end goal being to improve the integrity of energy infrastructure and the accuracy of supply and demand forecasting. Read more on this project via the advocate briefing here.

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