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Converting the Integrated System Plan into Action Consultation Paper: Submission

Energy Consumers Australia has provided comments on the Energy Security Board’s ‘Converting the Integrated System Plan into Action Consultation Paper’.

We have engaged in the development of the first and second Integrated System Plan (ISP) because the decisions taken under it – particularly those to build long-lived electricity transmission infrastructure – will shape price and service outcomes for Australian households and small businesses for the next 50 years. The affordability challenges consumers are facing now must be the starting point for any consideration of new measures to manage the transformation of the energy system. The ISP and the rules that will give effect to it must ensure that, in simple terms, not a dollar more than is necessary is spent, not one day earlier than needed.

We also believe that consideration should be given to establishing a panel within Australian Energy Market Operator – akin to the Australian Energy Market Commission’s  Reliability Panel – to manage the ISP process. The ISP Panel should be supported by appropriate governance arrangements and provide a formal mechanism for consumer participation in the development of the ISP.

The full submission can be read here.

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