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Consumer Empowerment Funding

Empowering and supporting consumer voices to drive benefits for all Australians

Applications are open!

Consumers are at the centre of current energy transitions towards a decarbonised and decentralised energy system.

Important decisions regarding our energy future are made at the transmission and distribution network level, and consumers must feel equipped and able to influence the development of network regulatory proposals in the long-term interests of all Australians.

We are committed to diversifying and amplifying consumer voices across Australia. This new funding program is about providing consumer voices with support to engage most effectively in network determinations.

How does it work?

Engaging with networks around revenue determination processes can be challenging.

There are too many critical issues to be discussed and negotiated. It can be time-consuming, difficult to understand, and require significant technical knowledge.

We believe direct consumers are the best advocates for their needs, values, and expectations, and we want to support and fund consumer panels of ongoing network regulatory determination engagement processes (resets) in accessing:

• Technical expertise and independent advice
• Capacity building and training
• Independent report and submission writing services
• Facilitation of broader consultation with community
• Small research projects

Why are we providing this funding?

We believe this program will help consumer panels feel more empowered, informed and capable to engage, discuss and influence regulatory proposals.

By nurturing the next generation of consumer voices, we aim for greater representation and diversity in such discussions. This program will enable consumer panels to act more independently.

How can you be part of this?

  • Consumers
  • For the energy system to work for everyone; new and diverse consumer voices must be empowered to deliver proper representation. Through the CEFP, Energy Consumers Australia will provide financial support to diversify and amplify consumer voices within the reset process.  

    Funding is available for reset consumer panels to enhance their capabilities and skills. This could include: accessing technical expertise, capacity building/training, independent report and submission writing services, facilitation of broader consultation with community, and small research projects.

    You can apply at any time during an ongoing network reset consumer engagement process – up until the due date of the revised regulatory proposal submissions.

  • Networks
  • We understand that networks have varying levels of maturity with their consumer engagement approaches. This program is not intended to replace support that is already provided by networks. Network support and engagement of consumers during resets (and business-as-usual activities) is fundamental. We will continue to work with each network’s regulatory team to better understand how our funding can contribute to best network practices on consumer engagement.  

    We see networks’ support and engagement of consumers in resets as fundamental to this program’s success as well.

    We will work with each network regulatory team to better understand how our funding can contribute to—and be complemented by—best network practices on consumer engagement.

  • Experts
  • We are always recruiting experts to help consumer panels reach their informed decisions and If you have the expertise and skills to equip, empower, and amplify consumer voices in the energy space, you should join our Expert Panel.

    You will have the chance to influence important energy decision-making processes from a consumer perspective and make a significant contribution toward a consumer-centric energy future. 

    Who can apply to be an expert?

    Anyone with demonstrated expertise and experience in the energy sector and the revenue determination process/issues.

    Experts might be professional consultants,  individual consumer experts, people who have worked in the energy industry and are now independent consultants, etc.

    Send us an application to get in touch with us

    For any questions or concerns, contact Marie Harrowell, Senior Policy Associate on marie.harrowell@energyconsumersaustralia.com.au

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