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Reposit Fleet Launch: Rosemary Sinclair remarks


“Translating technology and possibility into better energy outcomes for all.”

Thank you, Luke, for the kind introduction and the opportunity to help launch Reposit Powers exciting new platform.

Congratulating Reposit

Reposit Power is one of the IT firms in the Australian energy market and for good reason.

Reposit has a reputation for pushing the limits of technology and exploring new commercial opportunities within an evolving, more distributed energy system.

But you are also a tech company that is not afraid to engage with the community on the big issues in the energy market and the world as you see it.

We see your tech showcased on ABC features,

We see Dean on the tele,

We see you in the thick of it in ARENA A-Lab workshops.

This willingness to communicate and engage is critical because the tech alone wont solve the affordability, security and emissions challenges were facing.

The tech that will succeed is the tech that solves a problem for consumers, that is designed with their needs and preferences in mind, is simple and straightforward, and works for everyone not just the boffins.

Can I also recognise the important role that the ACT plays as a testing ground for, and pioneer of, new energy services.

And the support the ACT Government provides for innovation to meet the communitys needs.

Reposit Fleet in Context

Last year our first full year as an organisation ECA embarked on a listening tour across regional Australiato speak directly to consumers about their electricity and gas services and to understand their priorities.

Affordability was the number one issue, but the other, somewhat surprising theme running through the tour was the desire to share, trade and even gift the electricity many households are now generating.

Reposit Fleet is exciting because it will test, in a real-world context, a vision for how you design and operate a platform for energy services that can respond to this call for a more sophisticated energy system.

How consumers, retailers, networks, solar and battery suppliers, can generate and trade electricity to power individual households, and support the overall operation of the grid, in an efficient and equitable way.

The last part of this really is the challenge, because if we can make this work at scale, if we can find a way to align the interests we can make the leap from the current market and current grid that rewards a select few with the means and the expertise to invest in the best tech and get the best support, to a market that is translating technological possibilities into broad-based benefits for everyone.

For people who rent.

For people who can’t afford solar panels and batteries.

For people who need to run their air-conditioner through summer for health reasons.

And indeed, for those of us who find it difficult to find a good, affordable deal in an extraordinarily complex retail market.

We will then be well on the way to solving the Trilemma and successfully transforming the energy sector.

The system security challenge we face this summer, and the new conversation were having about the role that demand response can play in keeping the power on how we connect and engage with the community on what can appear to be counterintuitive and technical matters brings a real contemporary relevance and urgency to this task.

Of course, the nature of the grid as a complex technological and social system, means making the leap will take time, creativity and a willingness to embrace the design, test and refine mentality preferred by behavioural insights advocates and Silicon Valley.

As we grapple with these big challenges, what will keep us on track is maintaining a laser-like focus on the consumer experience

An experience that has been defined by complexity, high prices and volatilityand a desire for the kind of control and agency consumers are becoming accustomed to in other marketsthat our Energy Consumer Sentiment Survey and other research tells us is driving interest in solar and batteries.

A philosophy centred on the consumer and a philosophy Reposit is showcasing through the platform it is launching today.

Thank you again for the opportunity to be a part of the launch, we will follow this innovation with great interest.


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