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Grants Program Guidance Note: CEO Grants

Energy Consumers Australia has published another Guidance Note with information about its Grants Program.

This is to the provide more information about CEO Grants and the information we look for in your application.

Our CEO Grants are a small grants sub-program within the overall Grants Program. They provide funding – capped at $15,000 (ex GST) – to applicants for the purposes of consumer engagement or international scholarship.

Consumer Engagement Grants

CEO Grants support advocates’ engagement in government, regulatory and or industry decision making processes, recognising the need for consumers to respond within short timeframes. Applications must be able to show that the matter is urgent or time-constrained and could not reasonably have been anticipated or planned for, within the normal timelines for the Grants Program.

Examples of projects that could be funded include:

  • engaging a consultant to provide technical or specialist expertise for a submission;
  • undertaking research to inform and support future advocacy; and
  • funding for reasonable travel costs (flights, accommodation, ground transport but not sitting fees) to engage in government, regulatory and industry forums relating to that process, and where video conferencing is not provided.

Requirements for Consumer Engagement Grants

To apply for the Consumer Engagement Grants, you must be proposing to undertake a work program, or participate in engagement, that:

  • builds knowledge and/or sectoral capacity supporting policy development and consumer education in the National Energy Market;
  • supports energy advocacy, which is designed to influence or create change that improves the long-term outcomes of electricity and gas consumers; and
  • considers how the project or engagement will achieve impact or influence.

How to apply

Applications for CEO Grants, including Consumer Engagement Grants, can be submitted at any time. Your application should be no more than 4 pages and provide the following information:

  • Applicant details, including the organisation details, and a CV demonstrating how you meet the eligibility criteria and outlining relevant experience.
  • What it is you plan to do (why/how/what/when)?
  • How will your proposal benefit consumers?
  • Budget (including details of any other co-contributions or funding available for your proposal).

Full information about the Grants Program can be read in the Grants section of our website.

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