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Energy retailers urged to focus on solutions ahead of second meeting with the Prime Minister

Energy Consumers Australia is urging the CEOs of major energy retailers to develop comprehensive strategies to improve the way they support their customers ahead of their second meeting with the Prime Minister today.

Energy Consumers Australia CEO, Rosemary Sinclair, said the Prime Minister’s intervention earlier this month shone a spotlight on major problems with the way energy retailers were engaging with their customers.

“The way electricity offers are being structured and marketed is resulting in millions of Australian households and small businesses paying hundreds of dollars more than they need to for their energy.”

“We’re looking for the CEOs of major energy retailers to come forward with comprehensive strategies to deliver on the commitments coming out of the first meeting with the Prime Minister.”

“Energy retailers need to demonstrate they are taking steps to deal with the complexity in this market and give consumers the information, tools and options they need to get control over rising costs.”

Ms Sinclair said Energy Consumers Australia had set up a new campaign to help consumers save hundreds of dollars on their electricity by making a PowerCall to their energy retailer.

“Most of the advice out there in the market is about switching, but often the best thing to do if you’re worried you are paying more than you need to for power is to call your retailer and check if you’re on the best deal.”

“Some households haven’t moved off outdated, expensive offers for years and could save hundreds of dollars by making a PowerCall.”

“Many others are on so-called discount deals which have expired, meaning they may be automatically shifted onto more expensive plans.”

While short term savings were important to consumers, Ms Sinclair said we also needed to be focused on getting long term change in the energy market and more affordable power for consumers.

“Consumers look forward to seeing savings in their bills in the short term, but we must also be focused on getting the right outcomes from the Finkel Review and the ACCC Inquiry into electricity prices to underpin better long-term outcomes for consumers.

“We must get the energy market delivering more affordable power for households and small businesses.”

For more information and tips on what to say to your energy retailer, visit www.energyconsumersaustralia.com.au or our Facebook page.

Media contact: Tim O’Halloran 0409 059 617

Visit the ‘PowerCall’ webpage here.

How to make a PowerCall

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