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Am I on the best energy deal with my retailer?

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Energy prices are rising and so are bills for many Australians. If you aren’t happy with how much you are paying for energy a good place to start is making sure you are on the best deal for your circumstances.

Ask if there is a better energy deal

Unhappy with your latest bill? Contact your energy retailer to make sure you are on the best deal for your circumstances.

Our PowerCall tool can also help step you through how to have the right conversation with your retailer

Questions to ask your energy retailer

  • Am I on your best plan?
  • Do you have a better offer that would suit my household or business and our energy use?
  • If you would like to avoid the bill shock that may come with receiving bills quarterly, ask: Can I pay my bill more often, and will my costs be estimated?
  • Am I eligible for any government concessions or rebates?
  • Am I paying any extra fees, such as for receiving a paper bill, or paying late?
  • Don’t want to talk on the phone? Check your retailer’s website for real-people chat functions.

It’s a good idea to find out if you’re on a Time Of Use Tariff as this will affect how you are charged for your energy use.

A time of use tariff means that there are different prices for electricity for different parts of the day, usually:

  • Peak (most expensive)– night
  • Off-Peak (cheapest)– very late/early morning and weekends
  • Shoulder (moderate)– all other times
  • You could save money on this kind of tariff, if for example:
    • You are able to use big appliances like a washing machine at times when prices are cheaper
    •  You have solar

    Time of use tariffs may not work for everyone, and costs may be involved to switch. Ask your retailer for more information.

    Receive Centrelink payments? You can arrange for your bill or a payment plan you have with your retailer to be paid directly to your energy retailer through CentrePay.
    Ask your retailer or Centrelink to set this up for you.

    Still not happy? It might be time to look at switching to another energy retailer. For help with how to switch, see our fact sheet on ‘how to compare energy deals’.

    Need extra support? Retailers are there to help you.

    If you can’t pay your energy bill, or you don’t think you will be able to, don’t wait until you receive a disconnection warning notice, even if it is only temporary. Your retailer is obligated to help you and has programs in place to do so.

    You may like to say:

    • “I’m having trouble paying my bill. What can you do to help?”
    • “I can only afford (say how much you can afford per fortnight/month)”
    • “My circumstances have changed, and I don’t think I will be able to pay my upcoming bill, what can you do to help me?”

    Need information on how to save energy? Your retailer can provide you with energy-saving tips.

    Are you a small business customer?

    If you are under financial stress, make sure to ask how your retailer can help – even if its only temporary.
    Or if you are looking for tips on how your business can lower its energy use you can check out our fact sheet.

    National Debt Helpline

    If you need more help to manage bill stress and/or other debts, call the National Debt Hotline on 1800 007 007 to speak to a financial counsellor. This is a free, independent, and confidential service.

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