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How can I contact my energy retailer?

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When should I contact my energy company?

You might want to contact your energy retailer if:

  • You’re having trouble playing your bill and you want to know what your options are.
  • You want to check if you’re on the best deal for your circumstances
  • You want to change the plan you are on.
  • You have questions about when or how much you are being charged or think there might be an error with your bill. This includes if you think you’ve been charged too much.
  • You are moving house and need to notify them of a new address.
  • You have a complaint about the service provided.
  • You have a concession that needs to be applied to your bill.

Remember, if you’re struggling to pay your bill, there is help available. The sooner you contact your retailer, the sooner you can access help. Find out more.

How do I find my retailer’s details?

Check your most recent bill to see who your retailer is. The bill will also include contact details for your retailer.

What do I say when speaking with my retailer?

When you speak with your retailer, you will need to provide your account number (which you can find on your bill) and explain why you are calling.

If you are calling to get a better deal from your energy provider, you can follow our ‘Power Call’ guide which helps you through the process.

My retailer didn’t resolve my problem. What can I do?

The Ombudsman in your state is the best point of contact if you are not satisfied with the response from your energy company. They can help escalate your issue. You can find the details of your state’s Ombudsman below.

StatePhone Number Website
NSW1800 246 545EWON Website
VIC1800 500 509EWOV Website
SA1800 665 565EWOSA Website
WA1800 754 004EWOWA Website
QLD1800 662 837EWOQ Website
TAS1800 001 170EWOT Website
ACT02 6207 1740ACAT Website
NT08 8999 1818Ombudsman NT