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Where is my energy retailer's contact information?

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If you’re having trouble with your bill, first contact your energy retailer and ask them what your options are. They can put you on a payment plan, defer bills, or find a cheaper plan for you. The energy companies have special teams whose job it is to help people who are experiencing hardship so please don’t hesitate to pick up the phone or visit their website.

Find your retailer

We have developed Step By Step guides to walk you through how to talk to your retailer:

Having trouble paying your energy bill?

Want a better deal from your energy provider?

If you are having difficulty contacting your energy provider or you have not been able to get the support you need, there are other places you can go for help.

Contact your ombudsman service

Whilst the current circumstances are difficult, the Ombudsman in your state is always the best contact if you are not satisfied with the response from your energy company. Ombudsman offices are the best contact for escalating your issue.

NSW1800 246 545EWON Website
VIC1800 500 509EWOV Website
SA1800 665 565EWOSA Website
WA1800 754 004EWOWA Website
QLD1800 662 837EWOQ Website
TAS1800 001 170EWOT Website
ACT02 6207 1740ACAT Website
NT08 8999 1818Ombudsman NT