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How can my small business save energy and money?

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It’s not an easy time to be a small business owner. Costs are rising and energy is only one of them. But if you’re worried about the impact of energy costs on your bottom line, there are smart and practical things you can do to lower your energy use and help get bills under control.

Six ways to reduce your energy bills at your business

1- Get to know energy

Talk to your retailer and make sure you are on the right plan for your business. You can do this by asking things like:

  • How am I being charged for the energy I use?
  • Am I on the best rates and plan for my business needs?  
  • Do you have any additional offers for small businesses?

Don’t like what you hear? Head to the government comparison website for your state and see if there is something better (just don’t forget to have your bill handy)

QLD, SA, TAS, ACT, NSWwww.energymadeeasy.gov.au   

Not sure if your bills are high? Check out this government comparison of like businesses to find out where you sit.  https://www.checkyourenergyspend.com.au

2- Want detailed and more tailored information? Try an energy audit

An experienced energy auditor can come to your business and make recommendations for lowering costs and energy use based on previous bills, assessing your equipment and business needs.

Check out government websites in your state such as www.sustainability.vic.gov.au  for more information

3- Set the temp

Every degree up or down on heating or cooling can increase energy use by 5-10% if it doesn’t have a negative impact on your business:

  • In winter have the temperature set at 18-20 deg
  • In summer have the temperature set at 24-26 deg

4- Lighting

If you haven’t already, consider switching to more energy efficient light bulbs such as LEDs. Sounds minor but lighting can account for 10-25% of your bill and for some businesses this could be up to 50% so it’s a quick win.

You may also consider motion detectors and timers instead of relying on staff to switch off lights.

Check your state government website for any energy efficient upgrade programs.

5- New or replacement appliances & machinery

When replacing appliances like fridges, aim for the highest energy stars that also suits your budget and sizing requirements.

Check your state government website for any rebates you may be eligible for when considering an upgrade. For example, in NSW there is the Energy Savings Scheme.

6- Consider solar and batteries

Sourcing your energy from the sun can be a smart move, for your wallet and the planet, but renewables such as solar or batteries will not be suitable for every business. If you have been thinking about it and it works for your circumstances check out all our great advice at Plug in for more information.

Don’t forget, if you are concerned about your energy bill, even if it’s only temporary call your retailer and ask how they can help you.

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