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Submission to the AER on the Better Bills Guideline


Energy Consumers Australia

We welcome the opportunity to comment on the Australian Energy Regulator (AER)’s Better Bills Guideline consultation questions. We see considerable value in improved billing to deliver simpler, more understandable bills for energy consumers, and in the process, build consumer trust and confidence in the retailer offers.

We also appreciate the thorough approach by the AER in conducting consumer research and testing. The energy market transition will continue to see new services and appliances emerge that will change the way consumers interact with their energy provider. At the same time, we expect to see new business models emerge. This means that consumers will be asked to interact with the energy system in new ways, and by providers that may not sit easily within the AER’s regulatory remit. As such, we see this Guideline as one that would require regular review.

We look forward to a more principles-based approach, which would allow for innovation to thrive, and the flexibility to deliver outcomes that meet consumer expectations, however they choose to participate and engage with the energy market.

We provide a thorough response to the consultation questions posed in our submission here.

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