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What Australians really think about Energy Efficient Housing


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A majority of Australians say the homes they live in are not performing well when it comes to energy efficiency, with most households favouring significant improvements to the nation’s housing stock as energy prices continue to rise. 

Research commissioned by Energy Consumers Australia and Renew and carried out by SEC Newgate finds strong support for a major boost to the quality and energy efficiency of Australian houses and apartments. 

The research also makes clear that Australians are looking for help to understand what actions they can take to make their homes more comfortable and lower their energy bills.   

This research was funded by Energy Consumers Australia’s first Collaboration Grant, a research partnership to ensure consumers preferences and needs are at the forefront of policy and program design.

The resulting report contains useful insights for any policy or program designers, advocates or other stakeholders who are interested or working in the energy efficient housing space.

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