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Foresighting Forum 2024

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Our Foresighting Forum is an energy conference like no other. You’ll be prompted to think, speak, act, and dream like a consumer. And you’ll be challenged to consider what role you can play in delivering an energy system that benefits everyone so that no one is left behind. 

Over two days, attendees will consider what is being asked of consumers, where the opportunities lie to overcome barriers and improve consumers’ journeys to going all-electric, and how organisations can work together to help households and small businesses realise the benefits of the energy transition.

When: 14-15 February 2024 

Where: UTS Aerial Centre, Sydney 

Event Overview

The energy system is undergoing a period of rapid and significant change. As we transition to renewables, consumers are being asked to electrify their homes, invest in consumer energy resources, and shift the way they use energy. And they’re being asked to do this in the context of sky rocketing energy prices and other cost of living pressures.

At the same time, a changing climate is impacting our reliance on energy. We’re becoming increasingly dependent on electricity to keep us safe and healthy in the face of extreme weather events while these very same events may impact our ability to access electricity when we need it most.

Getting it right has the potential to provide consumers with healthy, safe and comfortable homes; affordable bills; and agency over their energy decisions. But if we get it wrong, it risks worsening the energy divide and will leave large cohorts of consumers behind due to increased complexity, higher prices, and poor resilience.

How do we “get it right”?

The 2024 Foresighting Forum will offer practical and tangible ways for attendees to think about the role they can play in delivering an energy system that benefits consumers.

Program Details

Cost Details

The Foresighting Forum has a tiered pricing structure. All prices listed include GST.

 Delegate TypeEarly Bird 
Until 20 Dec 
21 Dec to 28 Jan 
Last Minute 
29 Jan to 14 Feb 
Non-profit and community organisations$995$1195 $1395
Government, market bodies, and academia$1095 $1295 $1495
For profit industries, including networks and retailers$1195 $1395$1595 

If you have any questions about the registration process or the Foresighting Forum more generally, please contact: foresightingforum@energyconsumersaustralia.com.au

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