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Response to today’s announcements by the Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council

Please quote Energy Consumers Australia CEO Brendan French:

“Energy Consumers Australia welcomes today’s announcement that governments will develop a consumer-focused reform package to present at the next Energy Ministers meeting in July. We look forward to representing consumers in these discussions to improve outcomes for everyone.

“There are just too many barriers that prevent people getting better energy deals, particularly people in financial stress or experiencing disadvantage. Pricing structures are too complex and it is difficult for consumers to understand the terms they see on their bills.

“Our research has found that 32% of homeowners and 44% of renters say they are unsure which tariff structure they are on. Many people simply cannot participate in a market as arcane as this one.

“Our latest research and surveys also show that there is a growing divide in ability and agency to participate in the energy transition between people who own their own home and people who rent or live in share houses and are on low incomes.

“We also support the government’s commitment to undertaking reforms through a National Consumer Energy Resources Roadmap. There are many instances now where people and communities are not only consumers, but suppliers of energy and they should be fairly rewarded for the generation, storage, and services they provide to the system.”

You can read the Energy and Climate Change Ministerial Council communique here:

Media contact: Rebecca Urban, The Shape Agency: 0409 059 617

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