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Milestone reached in trial of new approach to consumer engagement on network services

This week Victorian energy network company, AusNet Services, reached a milestone in a trial under NewReg, a new engagement approach for future network services.

NewReg is aimed at making consumer preferences central to network regulatory proposals, which are determined by the Australian Energy Regulator (AER), and set the amount energy networks can charge for infrastructure and services.

The initiative explores different ways for customers to be engaged during the planning process for energy network services and is a joint initiative of the AER, Energy Networks Australia, and Energy Consumers Australia.

It is designed to give a network the opportunity to reach an agreement with its consumers on parts of its regulatory proposal, to ensure the regulatory proposal reflects customer preferences.

In a key project milestone, AusNet Services today published its draft regulatory proposal, developed through the new process. AusNet Services’ Customer Forum also released its interim engagement report today, providing its perspective on the key issues for customers and the draft proposal.

The Energy Networks Australia and ECA Consumer Engagement Award, which was won by Essential Energy in 2018, is also showcasing evolving engagement practice across the sector.

AusNet Services’ Draft Regulatory Proposal and engagement report, as well as details about how to provide a submission are available on AusNet Services’ website.

Media contacts:

Australian Energy Regulator – Rory Cahill 0466 409 921

Energy Networks Australia – Michael Lewis 0433 495 454

Energy Consumers Australia – Tim O’Halloran 0409 059 617

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