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Energy Consumers Australia: Annual Report 2020-21

Energy Consumers Australia has published its Annual Report for 2020-21.

We have an organisational mandate and a public responsibility to act as a voice for household and small business energy consumers, advocating for them and advancing their interests within the National Energy Market. We are committed to carrying out these tasks transparently and constructively. That’s why it’s important that we publicly share the extent to which we are delivering on our objectives and priorities.

The past 12 months has been an intense and challenging time for all in the energy system and for organisations everywhere but Energy Consumers Australia has continued to deliver on its strategic priorities. We have continued to be a supportive and collaborative partner for change with our many peers and stakeholders in the energy system, always doing so from a point of view that is grounded in consumer experience, needs and expectations.

This past year has also seen us create a Strategic Plan which will lead our future priorities as we strive to help create a modern, flexible and resilient energy system that delivers, clean, affordable and abundant energy for households and small businesses.

This year’s Annual Report features chapters linked to consumer outcomes. We have also separated reporting on our Grants Program, which funded $1.9 million in projects across Australia, in an Annual Report insert to give it greater focus.

Many people have played a part in securing better outcomes for households and small businesses this past year, including our Board, Reference Committee, key stakeholders and of course our team. We’ve improved the way we communicate both with and on behalf of consumers and – perhaps most importantly – we have continued to push for an energy system that is affordable and fair, advocating for the interests and needs of households and small businesses across a host of forums, determinations, and processes.

Energy Consumers Australia: Annual Report 2020-21

Energy Consumers Australia Grants Program Annual Report Supplementary Information 2020-21

If there are questions you have about our work or information you wish to share with us, feel free to email us and a member of our leadership team will get back to you.

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