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Energy Consumers Australia Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Recognising our evolving role and responsibilities in a rapidly-transforming energy system, Energy Consumers Australia is pleased to publish its new Strategic Plan. This document, which explains how and why we will act to advance the interests of Australian household and small business energy consumers, has been created with input from our Board, our Staff and our Executive and covers the period 2021-2024.

The Strategic Plan is underpinned by a new vison, the terms of which are clearly articulated throughout the document.

Our vision is that consumer values, expectations and needs are realised through a modern, flexible and resilient energy system.

Click above to download the 2021-2024 Strategic Plan

The Strategy then outlines three Impact Areas, under which our specific priorities and activities can be understood. 

  • Affordable energy for households and small businesses 
  • Individualised energy services that give consumers choice and control 
  • A modern, flexible and resilient energy system 

A new impact and performance measurement system is also outlined, establishing a rigorous and systematic framework that will allow our team to set ambitious goals, perform at a high level and make sure we are held properly accountable.  

A new strategy for a changing world

The Australian energy system is transforming, from one of large-scale, carbon intensive generation to one that is more democratic, more distributed and more complex.

The role filled by Energy Consumers Australia has also become more complex during the six years since our formation. The Strategic Plan introduces an “organisational persona” to help stakeholders, consumers and others better understand the different activities we are involved with and how they relate to our newly-expressed mission, purpose and values.

Focussed on the future

This Strategic Plan builds on our deep experience as an independent advocate for residential and small business energy consumers across many of the forums, consultations and determinations that influence the everyday function of the Australian Energy System.

Within its pages, we commit to maintaining and strengthening our unique position as an organisation that engages constructively and collaboratively with people, processes and bodies across the energy system but always does so in order to advance the interests of Australian energy consumers.

Should you have any questions on our strategy or direction, please reach out here and a member of our team will be in touch.

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