The Review of Energy Consumers Australia was commissioned for the Council of Australian Governments Energy Council (COAG EC), as set out in the Energy Consumers Australia Constitution. The Constitution states that the first independent review of Energy Consumers Australia was to be conducted after the first three years of its operation, to assess its effectiveness of performing against its intended purpose. The review is also to report any areas for potential improvement.

In line with the Terms of Reference, the review has three focal areas:

• The effectiveness of the Energy Consumers Australia in undertaking its roles and functions as the national energy consumer advocacy body.
• The performance of the Energy Consumers Australia against stakeholder expectations.
• The effectiveness of grant allocation functions in delivering tangible benefits for energy consumers.

The scope of the review was limited to desktop research and stakeholder consultation, and the reports reflect findings synthesised from these activities.

The reports from the review were considered by COAG Energy Council in November 2019, together with the Energy Consumers Australia Review Implementation Plan. Those documents can be found below.