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Submission to the Essential Services Commission on the Gas Distribution System Code of Practice Review 2023

Energy Consumers Australia is aware of the significance of the transition away from fossil fuel gas for Victorian households and small businesses.

All Victorian households and many small businesses will have to transition themselves away from fossil fuel gas as our energy system moves to a low emissions future, and they should have the confidence and certainty to be able to plan for the future that suits their needs and motivations.

While the Victorian Gas Substitution Roadmap has made advances in navigating Victoria’s journey to net-zero, we need to keep progressing and setting a clear path ahead. We see this review as an opportunity to continue progressing a plan for a fair and safe transition from fossil fuel gas.

This submission recommends the Essential Services Commission (ESC) adjust the Gas Distribution System Code of Practice to:
• Provide more clarity on the significant differences in the services, either disconnection or abolishment, consumers can request when deciding to no longer use the gas network, and
• Ensure consumers are informed when there are changes to the gas network that may impact them.

Read our full submission here.

Complementary reading to this submission is a report we recently engaged Boardroom Energy to complete on the risks to consumers of declining gas demand. You can read the report here.

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