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Submission to the AER Issues Paper on the Review of the Regulatory Framework for Flexible Export Limit Implementation


Energy Consumers Australia

Energy Consumers Australia recommends that the AER ensures that distribution network service providers (DNSPs) approach to the roll-out of flexible exports is transparent and communicated in a clear and understandable manner to both industry (including solar retailers and installers) and consumers.

Energy Consumers Australia is the national voice for Australian household and small business energy consumers. In recognising it will be these households and small businesses who will determine the level of uptake and broader benefits delivered from flexible export limits, we support the AER’s decision to shift the naming from dynamic operating envelopes to flexible export limits.

This recognises that consumers will have to understand and recognise what a flexible export limit is in order to opt-in. This name change also recognises that while dynamic operating envelopes could in future be applied to flexible loads, such as electric vehicles, this is not the most immediate use case and warrants further consideration and learnings from current trials. Therefore, the following submission is written within the context of flexible export limits only.”

Read our full submission here

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