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Submission to the AER Consultation on Reporting on Regulated Network Performance


Energy Consumers Australia

We believe that the long-term interests of consumers are met when current and future consumers pay no more than is necessary for the quality and reliability they are prepared to pay for.

The Australian Energy Regulator is seeking stakeholder views on their paper ‘Priorities and objectives for reporting on regulated electricity and gas network performance Consultation’ of March 2020. Overall, we support the AER’s proposed approach but in this submission make some suggestions to improve the effectiveness of this reporting, and ultimately deliver better outcomes for energy consumers.

The Paper provides five proposed objectives and five proposed priorities. The way these are presented does not immediately denote a clear distinction between objectives and priorities. We agree in principle with the objectives as proposed. We do however make suggestions about how to make them more succinct and therefore, easier to understand and apply.

The full submission can be read here.

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