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Submission to South Australia’s Green Paper on the Energy Transition


Energy Consumers Australia

Energy Consumers Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide a submission to the Department for Energy and Mining on the energy transition in South Australia.

We are pleased to see the South Australian Government embarking on a public co-design
consultation process for the energy transition. Transparency and clear communication of the plans for
the transition will be essential in establishing consumer confidence and trust. We would strongly
encourage the government to continue this dialogue directly with consumers so that all South
Australians are aware of the transition, what it means for them, and how they can benefit from it.

Our submission unpacks the following key recommendations:

  • Harnessing the opportunity which rooftop solar presents to the South Australian energy transition will require consumer buy-in and trust.
  • Demand side solutions and investments are an opportunity to ensure energy prices are affordable for South Australians in the transition to net-zero by 2050.
  • To realise consumers expectations, needs and preferences for a future South Australian energy system the Energy Transition Taskforce and Roadmap need to be driven by energy consumer values and outcomes.
  • Energy storage can play a key role in enabling South Australia to achieve an affordable and reliable future that empowers consumers and communities to take the lead on the energy transition.
  • As an integral part of the community and economy, a successful co-design and engagement process with small businesses is an opportunity for the South Australian energy transition.
  • Electric Vehicles (EVs) present an opportunity for both individual and whole of system savings on electricity bills. The South Australian government has an important role in enabling all South Australians to access these benefits of EVs.

Read the full submission here.

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