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Submission to Energy Queensland on the Queensland Electricity Connection Manual Consultation


Energy Consumers Australia

Energy Consumers Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide feedback on the proposed amendments to the Queensland Electricity Connection Manual (QECM) to better reflect changing customer needs, particularly within the context of the increasing prominence of consumer energy resources in the lives of Queenslanders and the future energy system. Of particular interest to us is the electric vehicle (EV) charging consumer experience.

We are concerned that the proposed changes to the manual may negatively impact Queenslanders’ charging experience at their homes, as well as uptake of EVs more broadly. Consequently, we have three key recommendations:

  • EV users should be able to use their EV chargers when they want to;
  • Clear communications and advice are needed to support EV users’ charger and charging decisions; and
  • Regulations should be nationally consistent where possible.

Read the full submission here.

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