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Submission in response to Victorian Electricity Distributors’ Revised Proposals 2021-26

We appreciate the opportunity to respond to the Australian Energy Regulator’s (AER) draft decisions on the Victorian electricity distributors’ proposals. This process sets the amount of revenue the businesses will collect from customers through distribution charges from 1 July 2021 to 31 June 2026.

Overall, we are pleased that the distributors have accepted the majority of the AER’s decisions. This is consistent with significant efforts by distributors, the AER and stakeholders to refine and agree on the substance of the proposals over three years. We consider that the revised proposals are now closer to being capable of acceptance and should be able to be finalised with good engagement between the parties on the outstanding matters.

The below submission highlights the outstanding issues that we need to be assured about before we can consider them capable of acceptance. Read our submission here and the additional technical report here.

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