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Submission to the Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water on the Electricity and Energy Sector Plan

Energy Consumers Australia appreciates the opportunity to provide comment on the Electricity and Energy Sector Plan Discussion Paper.

Australian consumers have consistently indicated their support for renewable energy. They want the future energy system to be affordable, simple, easy to manage, clean and fair.

But they’re also telling us they’re finding it difficult right now. They’re facing a higher cost of living and greater numbers of households and small businesses are reporting being under financial pressure. Energy prices are a critical stressor.

Achieving a net zero energy system plan in Australia requires the active and willing assistance of every one of those households or small businesses to support the transition.

Our submission outlines a number of recommended actions to be considered within the Electricity and Energy Sector Plan, including:

  1. That the Government commit funding for the creation of a One Stop Shop to help consumers navigate the transition.
  2. The need for policy and regulatory reform to understand how energy performance can support the energy transformation and reduce bills, address problems in the current governance framework underpinning National Energy Market decision-making, and ensure the consumer protections framework is fit-for-purpose and providing people with the confidence to make decisions.
  3. The need to actively build social licence for reform, including through providing Australians with a guaranteed right to access affordable, reliable and clean energy, codified in Australian law.

Read the full submission here.

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