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SME Retail Tariff Tracker Final Report: June 2022


Energy Consumers Australia

Data for our June Tariff Tracker is collected in April and therefore does not capture increases set to occur on 1 July 2022. The impact of these changes will be captured in our December 2022 report.

Key highlights are:

  • Electricity bills were, on average, slightly higher ($15) in April 2022 for small businesses across Australia compared with a year earlier.
  • The ACT had the greatest increase in average electricity bills (17.6%) due to higher network charges, largely as a result of the costs associated with implementing legislation to supply 100% renewable energy. Western Australia and Northern Territory also recorded marginal increases.
  • Tasmania recorded the largest reduction in electricity bills (10%) followed by South Australia (5%), Victoria (2.4%), Queensland (1.6%) and NSW (0.5%).
  • The average gas bill for small businesses increased by 4% compared to a year earlier.
  • Gas bills increased for all jurisdictions except South Australia where they decreased by 1.5%. Victoria recorded the greatest increase (16.7%) followed by Queensland (4.7%), ACT (2.3%), Tasmania (2.3%) and NSW (1.6%)

The full report can be read here.
You can also check the detailed summary of the report with its accompanying workbooks here.

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