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Power Shift is a body of research providing evidence about how to design better targeted, more effective, and innovative energy management services and programs that will enhance the ability of consumers to manage their energy use and costs.

Power Shift demonstrated that power needs to be in the hands of consumers if they are to take control over their energy use and costs, when they choose, through their own actions.

At its highest level, the lessons of Power Shift can be distilled into three core lessons for decision-makers. 

First, we need to meet people where they are – developing information, tools and assistance that suit the circumstances and lifestyle of that household, in how they are able to manage their energy use.

Second, we need to design for diversity – we need a range of choices in how people manage their energy use, as across the country we have a range of climate zones, energy options and potential uptake of new energy technologies, including generation, storage, electric vehicles and home energy automation.

And finally, we need to build and create trust. We have a unique and important opportunity right now to work with consumer and community organisations, industry, government and regulators to re-build people’s confidence and trust. Without it, we will not realise the potential benefits of people participating in an optimised and affordable energy system.

The Final Report outlines the key findings of the research, and where there are the opportunities to empower consumers. 

The Final Report summarises the body of evidence across the Power Shift program and can be read here.

Power Shift Final Report

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