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Multiple Impacts Framework


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Energy Consumers Australia is pleased to announce the release of Multiple Impacts Framework report. The Framework is a tool to help managers and designers of energy management programs to define and capture the full suite of benefits that arise when households are given the capacity to manage their energy.

The Framework underlines the full value to consumers of energy management programs and products. The report was commissioned through Energy Consumers Australia’s Power Shift project, which aims to assist government and industry deliver programs and products that support low income and vulnerable households to manage their energy efficiently. The outcome will be that consumers have sufficient energy to live safely and comfortably and to manage their bills, with indirect benefits to the wider economy and social inclusion.

Energy Consumers Australia commissioned ACIL Allen to develop an Australian framework to capture and define the range of benefits for households of using energy more efficiently. The report was made possible through Commonwealth funding to Energy Consumers Australia to undertake Power Shift.

The full report can be read here.

Multiple Impacts Framework

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