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Effective Energy Consumer Advice Models


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The Australian Energy Foundation (AEF) conducted research on effective energy consumer advice models, funded by an Advocacy & Research grant provided by Energy Consumers Australia (ECA).

The report outlines why energy advice is essential in successfully transitioning to an equitable, net zero carbon society and in addressing the cost of living crisis. It presents a snapshot of today’s energy advice services in Australia and looks at ways these can be better delivered.

The research included a review of relevant websites and literature, stakeholder interviews and workshops, consumer surveys, and AEF’s eight years’ experience of providing an Energy Advice Service.

Key recommendation:

  1. Advice providers must tailor information and advice

    a- Audience segmentation and customisation are necessary to generate the reach and elicit the behaviour necessary to provide an inclusive service.

    b- Messages must be suited to household preferences and circumstances and should be delivered via appropriate channels.
  2. Government, industry and advice providers must build trusted sources of advice

    a- Information provision must focus on quality, not quantity. Available information should be synthesised and simplified.

    b- Information should ideally come from a trusted source.

    c- Accredited training must become a prerequisite to providing energy advice.
  3. Advice providers must gather, analyse and share consistent and comparable data through a government-supplied national database.

    a- Data collection and reporting is essential to evidence-based decision-making.

    b- Feedback to funders and decision-makers will highlight emerging issues and gaps to better direct resources to where they are most needed.

    c- Feedback to service providers will improve service delivery.

    d- Good data hygiene practices must be followed, with transparency about who and how household data is handled.
  4. Government must adequately resource energy advice services, including information, tools and other infrastructure.

    a- An overarching policy is needed, providing a clear framework and purpose for delivering energy advice.

    b- The structure must include strategic partnerships, integrating already-established services, with a focus on collaboration.

    c- Investment must be stable and long-term.

You can access the full report here

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