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Driving Change

Energy Consumers Australia is pleased to announce the publication of Driving Change: Identifying what caused low-income consumers to change behaviour. GEER Australia reviewed the Low-Income Energy Efficiency Program – 20 pilots that trialled 44 initiatives to help low-income households manage their energy usage. The pilots collected data from nearly 19,000 respondents. Driving Change digs into that rich evidence base, to identify which of the initiatives had greatest impact, and the approaches and information that helped drive behavioural change. It is an important resource for the designers and evaluators of energy efficiency programs.

The report was authored by GEER Australia, commissioned through Energy Consumers Australia’s Power Shift project. Power Shift aims to assist government and industry deliver programs and products that support low income and vulnerable households to manage their energy efficiently. Our intended outcome is to help consumers have sufficient energy to live safely and comfortably and to manage their bills, with indirect benefits to the wider economy and social inclusion.

The full report can be read here.

Driving Change Report

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