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Consumer Perspectives on the Energy Transformation


Energy Consumers Australia

Caroline Valente, one of Energy Consumers Australia’s Senior Policy Associates, delivered this presentation to the API Summer School.

There are four key points to consider when understanding consumer perspectives:

  1. Consumers are most concerned about energy affordability – now and into the future. A successful energy transformation is one towards a least-cost system.
  2. Consumers are the critical part of our energy system, yet there isn’t a plan to take them on this decarbonisation journey nor enough information about how the energy transition might impact them.
  3. Consumers are being asked—even more so in coming years—to change behaviour on energy-related investment and practices. Some changes require everyone to get on board, and we need to act quick.
  4. Not all consumers are the same and our energy system must work for everyone. Focus on equity, understanding of consumers’ diverse needs and cooperation are key.

You can access the full slides here.

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