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Consultation on proposed legislative changes to incorporate an emissions reduction objective into the national energy objectives


Energy Consumers Australia

Energy Consumers Australia are pleased Energy Ministers are taking action to provide clarity to the energy market bodies to explicitly consider emissions reduction in how they undertake their respective powers and functions.

Consumers tell us that emissions reduction in the Australian energy system is important to them. In our December 2022 Consumer Sentiment Survey, 26% of households see a rapid transition to renewable energy sources as one of the most important challenges ahead, while 30% see replacing old coal and old gas plants with new, more efficient technology as a priority issue. These were valued only behind affordability (67%) and energy resilience (38%) and are comparable to small business sentiment. Further, some 37% of households and 41% of small businesses support an energy transition by 2030 or earlier.

While our submission responds to the proposed introduction of an emissions reduction objective into the national energy objectives, we additionally note that ourselves and our advocate colleagues see that there is a broader need to ensure that the energy policy framework delivers social as well as economic and environmental outcomes, particularly through the energy transition.

Read our full submission here

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