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Australia’s Energy Transition: A Snapshot of the Changing Policy Landscape

The Australian energy system is undergoing significant transformation. As part of this process, individual state and territory governments are implementing jurisdiction-specific policies and reforms aligned with their individual priorities, goals and risks. The energy policy landscape has changed exponentially over the past five years, and shows no signs of slowing down.

All of this makes for a complex and at-times confusing policy landscape for those working to advance and deliver the future energy system consumers want and need. Working together with KPMG, we have created a report that provides greater visibility for energy policies across all jurisdictions, giving leaders, policy-makers and advocates a better understanding of the likely impacts on consumers and the system.

Australia’s Energy Transition; a Snapshot of the Changing Policy Landscape is our attempt to capture the large volume of policies and programmes being put forward across Australia. In applying a common framework to describe the intent and scope of different policies, we hope to encourage jurisdictions and system actors to share knowledge and learn from each others’ experiences. This ability to see the whole of the policy landscape is a necessary condition for a system that meets consumer values, needs and expectations.

For more commentary on the report, please read our blog here.

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