Foresighting Forum 2019

The theme of Foresighting Forum 2019 was Take charge: Data powering better outcomes for consumers. The forum hosted in Sydney in February brought together consumer advocates, government and industry to discuss the interests of residential and small business energy consumers.

The forum generated a vast amount of content rich material. In the spirit of knowledge sharing, we have made it available as an online resource for the benefit of stakeholders working in the energy sector.

On this page you will find:

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Media room interviews

Presentation recordings



Presentation slides

Day 1 – Welcome and keynote

Session 1 – Consumer Data Right (CDR) Implementation

Session 2A – CDR in Practice

Session 2B Ethical Implications of the Use of Data

Session 3A – Data: Supporting Energy Charter Objectives

Session 3B – Consumers Using Data

Day 2 – Opening remarks

  • Rosemary Sinclair AM, Energy Consumers Australia

Session 4 – The Energy Use Data Model (EUDM)

  • Brian Spak, CSIRO
  • Sarea Coates, Department of the Environment and Energy
  • Luke Barlow, AEMO

Session 5A – New Dimensions in Policy

Session 5B – Making Provider Data Available for Policy Analysis

Session 6A – Data for Consumer Protection

Session 6B – Data for Networks

Session 7 – Bringing it all together

  • Rosemary Sinclair AM, Energy Consumers Australia
  • Robert Gregory, Maddocks
  • Francesco Naismith, AER
  • Michael Murray, Mission:Data
  • Dean Lombard, Renew

Foresighting Forum 2020

The focus of Foresighting Forum 2020 will be ‘Take Charge: A future vision for the energy market”. Chris Alexander, Director of Advocacy and Communications at Energy Consumers Australia, will lead the forum.