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Electricity’s future, behind the meter: Innovation in Energy Services Workshop 1

The balance of power in the energy sector is shifting to consumers.

As the transition to decentralisation gains speed and with the advent of digitisation and virtually universal wireless communications, the opportunities to aggregate and manage “consumer” assets behind-the-meter become not just feasible but increasingly compelling. In his talk, Dr Sioshansi from Menlo Energy Economics, based in California, discussed the key questions including:

  • what assets actually lie behind-the-meter today and in the future;
  • what can be done with these assets;
  • how can individuals, groups, or communities of consumers be aggregated so that their portfolio of behind the meter assets can be better utilised, and rewarded; and
  • how can the synergies associated with large pools of these assets be optimally utilised to balance load and demand, especially in a future increasingly supplied by variable renewable generation resources?

Energy Consumers Australia has produced videos of the keynote presentation as well as the shorter presentations from the panel discussion. These videos are for the benefit of stakeholders to engage with the topics discussed in the workshop.

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