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For applicants

If you are thinking about applying for a grant, this section will provide you with guidance on the suitability of your project, as well as the steps for applying for a grant if you decide to proceed.

Information about applying for a grant

Our grants program has a particular focus, which provides the basis of our threshold eligibility criterion. This is that you must be able to show that your proposal will build knowledge and capacity to support energy policy development that will benefit the long term interests of consumers.

If this is met, then your proposal will also need to meet our selection criteria, which are set out in more detail in the application pack.

CEO grants may be considered at any time throughout the year.

Advocacy and research grants applications are considered on a quarterly basis. Important dates 2018/19 are below:

30 August 2018 11 October 2018
28 February 2019 11 April 2019
2 May 2019 13 June 2019
29 August 2019 10 October 2019

Download the application pack here

You should also allow an additional two to three weeks from the decision date and, if you are successful, finalisation of a funding agreement.

We encourage you to make use of the FAQ’s and other downloadable documents, including the applicant pack, that provide extra detail about our grants program and what you need to think about. Please read this documentation carefully. We have designed them to answer all of your questions and to help you build your application in a way that meets our requirements.

If you have questions that are not answered in our documents, can’t find the information you need or have any doubts, please email us at We are happy to answer your specific questions and provide additional guidance.

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